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Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine

This tutorial is intended for any health care practitioner or student who needs a basic introduction to the principles of Evidence-Based Medicine.

Upon completion of this self-paced tutorial, you will be able to:


bulletdefine Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)
bulletidentify the parts of a well-built clinical question
bulletidentify EBM searching strategies that could improve MEDLINE retrieval
bulletidentify key issues that help determine the validity of the results of a study
Searching the Medical Literature for the Best Evidence

This tutorial is designed to teach you how to select and search key resources to locate evidence-based information for clinical decision-making.

EBM Learning

Introduction Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) and the approach to the individual patient...

Centre for Evidence-based Medicine: Oxford

The Centre has been established in Oxford as the first of several centres around the country whose broad aim is to promote evidence-based health care and provide support and resources to anyone who wants to make use of them. Our prospectus outlines the specific aims of the Centre and the goals we have identified, as well as the means we propose to use in achieving those goals.

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine: UToronto

The goal of this website is to help develop, disseminate, and evaluate resources that can be used to practise and teach EBM for undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education for health care professionals from a variety of clinical disciplines.This site also serves as a support for the book entitled, Evidence-based Medicine: How to practice and teach EBM by David L. Sackett, Sharon E. Straus, W. Scott Richardson, William Rosenberg, and R. Brian Haynes.

DUMC Library-- Evidence-based Medicine

The practice of EBM involves the following steps:

  1. Construct a relevant, answerable question from a clinical case

  2. Plan and carry out a search of the clinical literature

  3. Critically appraise the literature for validity and usefulness

  4. Apply the results of this appraisal to your clinical practice

  5. Evaluate your performance...

EBM Education Center of Excellence

Teaching and Leading EBM: A Workshop for Teachers and Champions of Evidence-Based Medicine...

Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy

This Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Web-portal has been designed in partnership with international colleagues to provide strategies, knowledge and resources to aid occupational therapists in finding out about and using evidence. ...

SUNY Downstate EBM Tutorial
Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine Course

This is a Web-based course that introduces the basic concepts of Information Mastery, Evidence-Based Medicine (EBP), and critical appraisal of the medical literature.



Resources of Evidence-Based:  McMaster University Link to other EBM Learning Websites.
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Netting The Evidence

A ScHARR Introduction to Evidence Based Practice on the Internet.

Centre for Health Evidence

Users' Guides to Evidence-Based Practice 免費學習文獻

Clinical Calculator--Medical College of Wisconsin

Online Clinical Calculators


Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) and Evidence-based Practice.

LHS Peoria Evidence Based Medicine
Evidence-based Nursing 實證護理學習網站。